This right here is considered a banger. A Statement piece. A get shot by The Sartorialist piece. Imagine just smoking your cigarette, some asshole comes up to you asking for a photo, you get all nervous inside, but try to play it off as cool as possible. I know your game, bro. You need a new FB default. Who doesn’t? What better way to flex than to have a “professional” photographer take a shot of you just to show the world how relentless your swag is? Your swag doesn’t take breaks while others take vacations. Ain’t nobody fucking with your swag. Buy this jacket and get your swag on. Peep 100% cotton, indigo dyed, ribbed cuffs (insert "for her pleasure" joke) and patch pockets for the ultimate swag stats. You can grab this swag over at UNIONMADE. Someone bet me I couldn’t write “swag” 10 times in a post. Swag, swag, swag. Pay me, Jerry.