Last week, an email from eBay congratulated me on 9 years as part of the eBay community (woulda been nice to include an anniversary discount code, Mr. Donahoe). I didn't need a reminder—every damn day my spare closet reminds me of how long I've been making mistakes on The Bay—piles of vintage clothes that don't quite fit next to crates of semi-rare LPs I have no turntable to play. In the spirit of creative vintage collection consolidation, Rebuild by Nepenthes has real-life Photoshopped three classic utilitarian shapes together for this fall, offering an M-65, an MA-1 and a fireman's coat stitched into one Frankenpenthes jacket. Nylon bomber sleeves set into a field jacket torso and closed with clips. It looks better than it has any right to. They've also portmanteau'd the field jacket with ribbed cuffs and hem, an M-65 with a heavy mouton (sheepskin) lining and sweats and Levis (major cozy cosign on that). Inspired, I've been working on a couple of prototypes at home: replacing the ribbed cuff on a pair of Woolrich hunting pants with fabric from a shitty '90s Canali suit; gluing two motheaten tweed ties together; and—the most successful so far—creating a pigeon-rat like I was Dr. Moreau, which will soon be available for purchase on eBay.

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