Who was the almighty menswear god that deemed friendship bracelets uncool and girly? Fuck you. You obviously never laid eyes on DG6’s Viola Milano collection, asshole. Truth, when I was at college I had a bracelet similar to these. All of the girls would stop me and tell me it was pretty and asked where they could get one. My friends would laugh at me and tell me it was because they thought I was interested in men. Please. Do you know how many girls I spoke to because of my bracelets? Hundreds. Do you know how many times I got laid in college? Zero. Ahh fuck, those friends of mine might have been on to something. Whatever, I was still fucking fresh. You can buy one of these by e-mailing order@dg6group.com and telling them which color you want. The ball's in your court when girls ask you about them. I’m sure all 10,000 of you reading this have better game than me anyways.