Hey guys, I like clothes. A lot. Like I will die for them shits, OK? So it really fucking irks me when I see some of you motherfuckers masturbatorily waxing poetic about some dope garm and you can't express your inner GQ feelings correctly. I can figuratively see your white suburban buttholes puckering at the thought of condemnation for misusing a great term from the menswear and/or Ebonical dictionary (apparently they are synonymous now, but don't get me started with that because I'll start another L.A. race riot). Or you're just simply using a really fucking stupid one. Loosen that bootyhole up, young buck because I've got some words of wisdom for your bitch ass. Here is a list of said words and phrases we may or may not use everyday, along with my definition of them shits, which should be taken as absolute doctrine. And if all else fails, toss a "mad" before these words and "breh" at the end of your sentences and you're practically on the same level as ya boy.