The past week in art saw New York graffiti in Paris, a lot of art galleries, a "Gangnam Style" parody for the books, and thoughts on M.I.A.'s new art book. Check out The Best Art Stories of the Week (October 21 - October 28):

KAWS "Imaginary Friends" at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin Paris
Date: October 22

On November 3, KAWS' Imaginary Friends will open for a healthy run at Galerie Perrotin's flagship Paris location. The New York-based artist has successfully shown at the gallery previously, and is coming off a well received exhibition at Perrotin's Hong Kong outpost. This installation will feature both painting and sculpture, all in keeping with KAWS' typical plays on popular culture. [Read More]

The World's 100 Best Art Galleries
Date: October 23 

You’ve strolled through the Chelsea galleries, fought your way through a crowded opening on the Lower East Side, and acted out your very own version of Gallery Girls in the back of one of L.A.’s famous art spaces. Cool. But do you know the best gallery in Dubai? Can you argue that Mexico City is the new New York? Do you believe the galleries in Paris are as good as the museums? [Read More]

Push 'In Other Words' Exhibition at Known Gallery
Date: October 23

PUSH has been killing it with vibrant, geometric works for years. A member of MSK, he is no stranger to Los Angeles walls. When he goes inside, as is does in the new exhibition In Other Words, the grids and patterns that build his compositions really sing. [Read More]

Watch: JR - The Wrinkles of Los Angeles
Date: October 23

This short film by theonepointeight aka Carlos Gonzalez provides tremendous insight into the world of French artist JR and his recent Wrinkles in the City campaign. With a focus on the artist's works in Los Angeles early in the year. [Read More]

Fresh Builds: 15 Awesome Museums You Need to See
Date: October 24 

Going to museums does not always have to be about going to see what's on the inside. These museums not only feature good art on the inside, but boast outstanding architecture that both distinguish the buildings from immediate surroundings and embrace its context and place. [Read More]

Ai Weiwei Goes "Gangnam Style" (Video) 
Date: October 24

Ai Weiwei is known for being provocative in his art by responding to contemporary culture in both serious and comical ways. His latest effort is ridiculously entertaining; it's a parody of Psy's super-viral song and video for"Gangnam Style," and Psy himself is in it. [Read More]

Street Artist Creates Fake "Wanted" Poster Calling For The Arrest of President Obama And Mitt Romney
Date: October 24 

The "Wanted" poster (pictured above) was spotted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and said to be the work of guerrilla street artist ESSAM. [Read More]

Elliot Smith's 'Figure 8' Mural Restored in Los Angeles
Date: October 24

To mark the anniversary of Elliott Smith's death on October 21, 2003, the Punk Rock Marthas have restored the Los Angeles mural from the cover of the last album he released, Figure 8. [Read More]

M.I.A.'s New Book Documents Her Greatest Work of Art: Herself
Date: October 24

M.I.A., published by Rizzoli, puts Maya in a new light by examining her roots as a fine artist. The book contains original drawings, collages, photographs, and digital artwork, with intermittent textual commentary, detailing the political and artistic evolution that led her to pursue music as a more publicly accessible, aggressive medium.

New York is Officially Out of Brownstone
Date: October 25 

Unfortunately, there's no more brownstone left in Hummelstown or Portland. The Times reports that there's simply none left to be mined, and that the last standing facility in Portland will shut down.  [Read More]