Where It Came From: Matehuala, San Luis Potosí, Mexico
...BUT WHY? To look like a seriously steezy vaquero.

Tied to "tribal guarachero" music aka "hyphy tribal," aka "no seriously we're not making this shit up," pointy boots can be traced to the Mexican town of Matehuala in 2009. Made by elongating the toe of boots up to 5 feet, there are also some dudes who just DIY'd it with a garden hose. Like The Warriors' denim vests, the boots have become an integral style staple for Matehualan club kids, who form all-male dance groups and compete in competitions at night clubs. Kind of like You Got Served... except more southwestern. The trend has even spread to areas with plentiful Matehualan migrants, like Dallas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.