3. Slayer

Album: Alter Of Sacrifice (1986)
Artist: Larry Carroll

In 1986 Slayer signed a record deal with Def Jam. Rick Rubin helped them strip down their songs and clean up production on the album Reign In Blood. This shirt was designed by Larry Carroll for the band’s world tour with Overkill in the U.S., and Malice overseas. The artwork is borderline cheesy, but so out there, that it’s up high on this list. First let’s point out that it’s a white with black ¾ sleeve jersey. Now consider the satanic church reference on the front, with the addition of Reign In Blood combined with “Do You Wanna Die” written in blood on the back to take this thing over the top. If you look closely at the print under the artwork on the front of the shirt, you will also see the Def Jam 1986 text. This is one of the all-time metal shirt classics that is still highly sought-after, but seldom seen by collectors.