1. Iron Maiden

Album: Killers (1981)
Artist: Derek Riggs

Iron Maiden’s Eddie first appeared as a paper mache head that served as the backdrop to the band’s stage show. At the end of each performance they would use a fish tank pump to shoot fake blood out of the mouth of this giant head and onto the stage. When the band was releasing their first album in 1980, they were looking through artist Derek Riggs’ portfolio and noticed artwork that he had created with another band in mind. Iron Maiden asked Riggs to add hair to his character to use as the artwork for their first album, and in 1980 Eddie was officially created. We’ve seen him pop up a few times throughout this list because he is the most famous mascot in music and is always scary as shit. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but you could certainly tell what type of music Iron Maiden was putting out thanks to Derek Riggs’ various reincarnations of Eddie through the years. The Killers 1981 Tour shirt comes in at Number 1 on this list because we see Eddie wielding a bloody hatchet and killing someone who is pleading for his life. On the band’s first album, Eddie was just there. This artwork takes it to a whole new gruesome level.