Fred Perry is coming in hot with the ill basic parka. A nylon shell, tartan lining, waxed rope on the drawstring hood, bunch of pockets is all you really fucking need. Sometimes it’s better to go with what you simply need rather than spend $2,000 on a Cabourn parka that does all the same shit. I’m (read: Fred Perry) literally saving you 10x the money right now. That’s 10x the pain and anguish when next winter (read: tomorrow) we post a new jacket that you just HAVE to buy. And at the rate this menswear shit is moving, your old (read: purchased two months ago) gear is worth approximately $10 at the thrift store. Do yourself a favor and just pick this up at End Clothing for $200. It will save you the ridiculous looks from your mom when you tell her how much you paid for it. Trust me.