This M-65 inspired jacket from Publish has fleece sleeves, which lends a vintage 60/40 feel to the jacket and takes it away from straight up militaria. (Pro tip 1: when you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about, say a detail “lends” something to a look.) Drawstrings at the waist and hem means you can cinch the jacket in to show off your dainty waist. (Pro tip 2: lament the "American vanity sizing system" and talk about how Japanese sizes "just fit you better.") Wooden buttons round out this pretty sweet jacket dubbed the Auggand. I don’t know what an Auggand is, but it kinda sounds like something those dudes on the Discovery Channel who have impossibly dangerous jobs would be afraid of. Like “Watch out for the Auggand!” Buy the Auggand directly from Publish for 116 American dollars.