Harlem has a great history when it comes to style. Each era in Manhattan's uptown neighborhood has had its own distinct swag. From the Harlem Renaissance and Jazz to Dipset and A$AP Mob, you can tell the area breeds fashion trends and never follows in another's footsteps. 


A fashion trailblazer of Harlem’s own, Dapper Dan, had the who's who of NYC wearing his designs since the '80s. Hustlers, rappers, and famous athletes were decked out in his custom made Gucci, Fendi, MCM, and Louis Vuitton logo-incorporated gear—doing it way before No Limit or Young Money. Considered the godfather of hip-hop style and streetwear, Jay-Z’s Life + Times recently caught up with the uptown legend to get an oral history of Harlem swag. Get a look at his story above and check out his website Dapper Dan of Harlem to see unreleased photos from his early days.