With the election mere days away, the race is tight with many topics of discussion ready to burst at the seams. Mitt Romney's claim to cut PBS funding is one of them, and Akomplice isn't taking too kindly to it, so they've decided to make a quickstrike T-shirt collection sticking up for Big Bird and his friends over at Sesame Street

The Big Bird series, made up of a shirt and poster, features a cartoon depiction of Big Bird standing triumphantly over a KO'd Mitt Romney.The second shirt titled, "Take the Money Out of Politics," strikes a more serious note, featuring an array of political signs Akomplice captured during their trip to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC.

The Big Bird shirt comes in three colors and is limited to just 60 pieces, while the Take the Money shirt is limited to 50 pieces. Get your election kit ready and scoop these pieces up today on Akomplice's Webstore and their flagship in Santa Barbara.

[via Akomplice]