As one of the OG purveyors of ridiculous looking slippers, Stubbs & Wootton has come a long way since their inception in 1993. They're always pushing the envelope with their designs—you may remember the "Screw U" slipper, which we guess is pretty fucking clever if you're 12-years-old. For their Fall '12 collection, they're introducing a ton of new models all with either some unique print, material or artwork. They even have a sequel to the Screw U slipper, but with a much simpler message this time—"F U." Another interesting model they've got going on is the Tapis Carbon which resembles your grandmother's embarrassingly outdated carpet. Cop it now before the entire Internet hops on this geezer steez and ruins it for the rest of us. Peep the rest of the collection at Stubbs & Wootton.