And just like that Boast are on a goddamn tear. We showcased their spur of the moment all-star session last week and here they are again completely fucking up the game. For those of you unaware, the recipe for a killer menswear lookbook is as follows: 1 part good looking clothing, 1 part talented photographer and 1 part babe. Yeah, get these handsome boy modeling school jackholes out my ocular field and insert some genetically symmetrical female facial. Boast is aware of all this and tapped Adrianne Ho to be the said symmetrical face of S/S 13 and THANK GOD. You might remember Adrianne for being extremely good looking—so good looking, in fact, that she was our general, everyday muse when Jon Moy penned an open letter to them back when Four Pins was still learning how to walk (stumble) without running into coffee tables. Feel free to check out the official lookbook all over Tumblr, where it's currently burning digital villages to the ground, or you can be lazy and just check it out here. But we're not here to showcase that official shit because we've got the exclusive outtakes. The 1 part talented photographer in this case is Nicholas Maggio who, along with shoot Director Jake Davis and Executive Producer Chris Black, brings Boast's east coast prep to the shores of the Pacific. As far as I know you can't live inside photographs, but, oh man, imagine if you could.