Technodrome"They reached out to me after they saw my Oscar the Grouch piece that said, "I live in a fucking trash can, bitch!" They thought that shit was hilarious and they invited me to the office. I met the founder, Joe Einhorn, and he's one of the coolest dudes I've ever met. He had all these ideas of how to help me get my shit out there and sell it at the same time. The Lady Gaga one was the first one on The Fancy and people liked it. Joe hits me up every now and then to do projects like that Ross shit. He hit me up like, "We're trying to get this to Ross." How can I say no to that [Laughs]? I wrote some dumb shit on the back too like, "Stay richer forever, send me a million dollars [Laughs]."

"I also did a pic for Joe for his Life and Times interview and he shouted me out in an interview he did with you guys. I remember him telling me to read an interview he did with Complex because he had a surprise for me. He's fucking cool as hell. I mean, who's gonna do that? I was talking to him about some other shit and he was like, "Don't even sweat that little shit because I did this for you today." I thought he was lying, but he told me that he mentioned me as one of his favorite artists next to Kanye and shit. I was like this guy is fucking dope [Laughs]!"