We understand that runway shows during fashion week are supposed to be somewhat conceptual—at least that's what the industry would have you believe—but there are certain elements from the runway that just look plain awful. New York Magazine compiled a comprehensive slideshow of some of menswear's "most amusing trends" from fashion week's Spring 2013 collections. We're not sure if 'amusing' is some impartial term for what they saw but it's safe to say the average guy wouldn't be caught dead in this stuff.

1. Man Candy - Seriously, what the hell is this? When did emergency heat blankets come into play? Did M. Night Shyamalan finally concede his egregious directing career to start designing clothes for dudes fearing mind control? "These aren't the clothes you're looking for."

2. Mad Hatters - If looking like a rejected Charlie and the Chocolate Factory extra zonked on bath salts is high on your to-do list next spring, by all means.

3. Magic Mike Hits the Runway - We're all for equal rights when it comes to men choosing the stripper route as their dream job, but please oh please keep this shit off the streets, er, runway.

4. Jumpsuits - Oh word, so you want people to think you're channeling a schizophrenic axe murderer? Cool story, bro.

5. Lace Is the Place to Be - Really, it is? I thought lace was the stuff my girlfriend's supposed to wear at night to like, you know, get me hot and bothered or something. I could be wrong on this.

6. All Dressed Up - For the last time guys, ONLY KANYE WEST MAY WEAR WOMEN'S CLOTHING. Period. End of story. And for the love of God, don't talk to him about this because he will motherfucking embarrass you.