It’s really difficult to categorize Karley Sciortino. Is she a sex blogger, video artist, journalist, performance artist, or an actress? Is it possible that she’s all of these? What do you make of someone who’s made a super popular website ( about sexual fetish, made a video art series for Purple TV, made a docu-art series for Vice TV, produced British TV shows, and interviewed Pharrell, Alicia Keys, Chloë Sevigny, and others for a ton of different magazines? You just allow yourself to be impressed with the hustle and keep it moving.


We were all in our early twenties, we didn’t have jobs, we didn’t have to pay rent, we lived with two drug dealers, and we didn’t need money.


Let’s start at the beginning. 
Well I started in 2007, but I don’t feel like I really started putting time into it until 2009. At the time, I was squatting in London with ten people in an old hostel. All these weird things were always happening. I felt like our house was this breeding ground for crazy stuff to happen. We were all in our early twenties, we didn’t have jobs, we didn’t have to pay rent, we lived with two drug dealers, and we didn’t need money. We had all of this free time. In essence, it was kind of disgusting, but it was really fun at the time.

Everyone was always saying, “Someone should be documenting this. No one’s gonna remember what’s going on.” Originally, I started the blog to document everything going on in the house. I never went into it saying, “I’m going to start a blog that I want everyone to read.” It was something I was doing for us.

I had just started interning at magazines, one of them being Dazed, and I thought of it as my “healthy practice” of writing, so to speak. I interned at every magazine ever.

Backtracking even further, why were you in London in the first place? 
I went there to go to college at Kingston, but I ended up dropping out because of how expensive it was. I was an exchange student there, and I just wasn’t that into my course. I was studying drama, which is funny now. [Laughs

Slowly, I started to realize that I really liked writing. I wouldn’t write a post for a month, but the more readers I started to get, the more interest I had in it. 

It changed organically. In the beginning, it wasn’t just about sex. It was to an extent; I’ve always been a sexual person interested in sex and talking about it openly. I was originally writing about sex as it pertained to myself and my life, but then gradually, I started interviewing other people about sexual fetish. 

When people say, “How do you describe your blog?” I like to respond, “It’s an investigation into sexual behavior,” but maybe I'm just trying to make it sound smart. I don’t know. [Laughs]

I think you strike a great balance on the site, whether you’re presenting your work or someone else’s. It’s intelligently written but relatable at all times. It’s difficult to do.
Yeah, how do you make it intelligent, but also sexy, and also funny, and really like you don’t care? The thing is, I do care obviously, but I’m not going to pretend that it's too much more than a blog written by me. 

You say on the blog that it’s “intended to trick strangers into thinking your life is more exciting than it actually is.” Does that mean you sensationalize or make up some of it?
Yeah, it’s sensationalized, but nothing is ever made up or exaggerated. I’m just not writing about the boring aspects of my life. It’s like with social media, we’re supposedly “curating our lives.” You untag and edit your life so that it appears a certain way to certain people. 


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