No one ever said it was easy breaking into the art world, but don’t think there’s no one out there who appreciates your hustle. Two years ago, Russell and Danny Simmons (the mogul and the painter), along with BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® and Complex, decided to create a way for aspiring painters, photographers, and mixed media artists to get the exposure they need to kickstart a career. Now heading into its third year, the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Artisan Series has introduced the world to a score of young artists through numerous gallery shows and its flagship competition.

Last year, New York-based artists Miguel Ovalle and Lerone Wilson had their lives forever changed when they were picked the winners of the Artisan Series; according to Ovalle, “no other challenge or personal victory has opened as many doors as this one.”

The competition is co-sponsored by Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, the arts organization founded by Russell Simmons and his brother Danny Simmons, who will be a judge in this year’s competition. As the series moves forward, selected artists will be asked to show their work at galleries around the country, all leading up to the final show at Art Basel Miami. The two winners of this year’s competition will have a show at the Rush Arts Gallery and Resource Center in New York City in February 2013.

Complex is proud to be one of the sponsors of this competition, and we’re urging all aspiring artists to learn more at You can submit your work for the competition through our site, or you can do so by visiting the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE® Facebook page here.