Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is set to debut his IPO tomorrow. It's an occasion that calls for classing it up, not his usual hoodie and jeans ensemble. So the folks at Fashionista signed up several menswear personalities to help him get dressed appropriately. Here are nuggets of sage style advice from some of the experts:

Tyler Thoreson, head of editorial and creative at Gilt MAN and Park & Bond: "A tie may be pushing it, but is a pocket square too much to ask? Something tells me that the kind of guy who puts ‘I’m CEO, Bitch’ on his business card may appreciate this version from Mark McNairy."

Sean Hotchkiss, Editor of The GQ Eye: "Facebook’s founder is silently screaming for Band of Outsiders. Nobody has made nerds look better in recent memory than Scott Sternberg."

Lawrence Schlossman, Associate Editor at Complex Media: "He could easily adopt a casual, soft tailored look and feel just as comfortable, while finally looking like the wildly influential and important guy we all know him to be."

John Januzzi, Style Collective Editor at "With billions at his command and a credit to shaping the future of communication, Zuckerberg should look the part. Half of me wants to see him do a complete 180 with some Rick Owens and start shopping at Atelier, but he’s best fit to a suit with his responsibilities. Billy Reid would be a good match for him."

Ashley Math, Men's Stylist at J. Crew: "Let’s imagine him in the J.Crew 484 Stanton Chino, a well-fitting sport coat, a washed button down shirt paired with a cool, skinny knit tie. Basically, something that says ‘pulled-together’ and totally relaxed all at once." 

Check out the full story here. [Fashionista]

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