Your "Unique Perspective" Is Really Someone Else's

Do you love nice Italian clothes? Can you pronounce Givenchy correctly (gee-von-she)? Do you know all the words to Thug Motivation 101? Great. Congratulations, now you're just another corny menswear blogger who loves hip-hop and clothing. 

If the early 2000s could be characterized by "Stop Snitching" then now we need a clarion call to "Stop Swaggerjacking." For each original voice and POV that pops up, ten more people hop on that bandwagon and hope to garner the same amount of attention. Who you are and what your vision is can't be taught, but it certainly can't be dictated by what's popular on the Internet either. Even in the information age, real still recognizes real, and in order to find out what that is for you, it might mean logging off and going unplugged for a little bit.