Your Business Card Says "Editor-in-Chief" But You Work Alone

So you call yourself an EIC... really? You post three things a day on your blog, upload a flick on your tumblr, tweet it a couple of times at the brands you write about, and you're an Editor-in-Chief? Sorry dude, you're a blogger. If your goal is to be taken more seriously, here's a novel idea: do good work. Blogging is a business, and if you can develop a decent audience, back it up with metrics, and are lucky enough to court your first advertisers, you're still only halfway there.

Real EICs have a vision as to where they want their publication to go, and often spend most of their time in meetings with marketing people, publishers, and other folks on the business end of the spectrum. Even Tavi Gevinson, the 16-year-old fashion blog wunderkind behind Rookie, has a staff that works with her and has to balance high school. Don't let that discourage you though, and look at O.G. blogs like A Continuous Lean for example, proof that if you stick with what you know best, and find ways to expand upon it, you can do some real dope shit.