John Mayer has come a long way style wise. When he first debuted, he looked more or less like an awkward nerd, probably because he is one.  Recently, his style is channeling two folk music idols: Neil Young and Eric Clapton. The hat, hair and higwayman vibe definitely come from Young, while his unbashed love of Japanese brand Visvim might come from Clapton, another noted fan of the label.

His affinity for Visvim is apparent in the recently released music video for "Shadow Days," the first single off his upcoming album Born and Raised, set to drop on May 22. While out there on the open road, Mayer is clad from head-to-toe in the steeziest of Japanese streetwear. Individual pieces from the brand can cost thousands of dollars, which is ironic given that it seems Mayer wants to look like a traveling vagabond in the video. Then again, he's also probably rocking timepieces that would make even Jay-Z jealous, as the musician has a watch collection valued at around $20 million.

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