The Solitaire Ring

Estimated Price: $45,000 at Avianne and Co.

 Izzy: "When you don’t want to show the stones on the side and you want to just show the center stone, this is the type of ring you go for. The point of the ring is the center stone. This is a solitaire ring with some micropavé on the side of it. This basket was custom made, this was all handcrafted by one of my best jewelers. 

On this one you have about a 3 carat diamond in the center. Then on the sides you have about 1 carat total. So for a ring like this, like I said, you're paying more for the center stone. A stone like that would cost you in the neighborhood of about $40,000 dollars, just because of the quality. You have a colorless diamond here, an F color, and a VS2 clarity.  So if another man is looking at her finger, he better think about it before he approaches her! $40,000 is a hell of a way to say 'I love you!'"