Willis & Geiger Outerwear

Key Years: Pre-1994
Price Range: $50-$500 on eBay 

Willis & Geiger started out in the same vein as Banana Republic: Ben Willis and Howard Geiger sought to make better versions of existing outdoor gear. So starting in 1902, that's what they did. Their work was rocked by Teddy Roosevelt when he went to Alaska and Africa, and Sir Edmund Hillary when he climbed Mount Everest — clothing that would go on to inspire an iconic collection by designer Nigel Cabourn.

It flourished in the '70s, primarily being sold at Abercrombie & Fitch of all places, but when their store closed, so did W&G's primary cash cow. In 1994, it was bought by Land's End, who occasionally use the name, but haven't matched the quality in years. If you run across some W&G gear online or in a store, all it takes is a quick examination of the garment's construction to differentiate between the real deal Holyfield and a paltry Land's End reinterpretation.