"Loads, loads and loads of vacation." That's the response Stefano Pilati gave when asked what he'd do with his free time after leaving his Creative Director post at Yves Saint Laurent just four weeks ago.

The famed designer sat down with Pamela Golbin at the French Institute Alliance Française to chat about his humbler beginnings as Nino Cerruti intern in Milan, and gigs at ArmaniPrada, and Miu Miudesigning for the YSL house while its namesake was still living, and the anxiety he felt after his first collection. 

With Hedi Slimane taking over Pilati's position, there will certainly be a contrast in direction, but what will be next for Pilati? Until his next step is announced, check out more tidbits from the sit-down at Blouin Art Info. [Blouin Art Info]

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