Last year we began to notice snakeskin on Don C.'s luxury snapbacks, and it appears the pattern is coming back with a vengeance. First, we noticed that Supreme's Spring/Summer 2012 collection contained snakeskin printed pullovers, and then we came across this python leather biker jacket from Rick Owens on Park & Bond. This morning we spotted these snakeskin Country Ranger Mocs from Yuketen on End Clothing.

It seems that snakeskin, which was pretty popular in the '80s amongst the hair metal set, is poised to make a comeback, whether just in prints — like the Yuketen and Supreme pieces, or the real thing, and as the prices of the Don C. snapbacks and Rick Owens leather jacket shows, the real thing can be quite expensive. What do you think? Is snakeskin a trend you'd jump on?

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