Let's talk about Rihanna for a second. The Barbados-born singer turns 24 today, and she's already accomplished so much at such a young age. She broke the VEVO record for most views, continues to sell out shows and rack up the #1 hits, and she recently became the best-selling digital artist of all time. Don't forget, Esquire also named her the "Sexist Woman Alive" in 2011.

But one of the things we love most about RiRi is her dope style. It's pretty versatile, with a good mix of sexy outfits and menswear-inspired looks. While she definitely gives us plenty of cleavage, she also knows when to put on a nice gown and dress appropriately. So, in honor of the pop star's birthday, we did a breakdown of her style. From her affinity for camo, to short shorts, to sneakers, to tattoos, check out 11 Reasons's Why Rihanna's Style is King.

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