We get it. Time is at a premium, and you can barely keep up with all new movies to pirate, TV shows to DVR, and album leaks to download. But that’s exactly why you should take a break from the digital onslaught once in a while to read a book. Yeah, a book. Remember those things?

If you don’t read novels, or if you haven’t read one in a while, now’s probably a good time to crack one open. “The Flame Alphabet,” by Ben Marcus, is a haunting story about a man trying to survive when language—and possibly even thought—has become toxic to humans. Watch this trailer and you’ll get a pretty good sense of just how depraved things get for him. It’s also darkly funny, emotionally unsettling, and provocative in a way that TV and film rarely are.

Erin Cosgrove created this short animated film as a trailer for the book, which is being publishing by Knopf on January 17