Givenchy has emerged as one of the top fashion houses for hip-hop these days, and that may come as a surprise if you take a look at the newest collection from the Riccardo Tisci-designed brand. 

Skirts, leggings, and leather pants paired up with printed tees, leather, denim outerwear, and ball caps make up most of the collection. Also featured prominently are drop crotch trousers, high top sneakers, lots of dope tailoring, and the now iconic rottweiler face.

Any of this look familiar? If it does, it's probably because some of these looks are similar to the on-stage outfit Kanye West rocked throughout much of the Watch the Throne tour with Jay-Z. The leather pants, leather skirt, and oversized black tee look Yeezy rocked was definitely inspired by Tisci's designs, and from the looks of it, was most likely head-to-toe Givenchy (with the exception of the Air Yeezy II). 

It isn't news that Kanye likes to push the boundaries when it comes to fashion and his personal style choices. But now that everyone from Pusha T, Tyga, A$AP Rocky, and Diddy has been spotted dipped in Givenchy, will we start seeing more dudes rocking the skirt and leggings look?