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The 81st iteration of massive menswear tradeshow Pitti Uomo is underway in Florence, Italy. If you've been keeping up with blogs, twitter, and tumblr feeds of the #menswear-obsessed, you're probably aware of it. The thing is, most of these clothes won't even hit stores for months, and let's be honest — we'll never be able to afford a lot of these costly designer duds.

That doesn't mean there aren't a few things we can glean from the numerous photos of stylish guys and press previews of upcoming collections. For us regular dudes, the takeaways we can get aren't to duplicate the looks by buying the same exact things, but get a feel for what's hot and make it our own — either by wearing the clothes we already have differently, or seeking out similar, more affordable alternatives. For those of us who aren't big shot buyers or respected fashion editors, here's 10 Style Tips Real Guys Can Learn From Pitti Uomo.

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