And now the partnership has lasted just about 2 years?

At the end of 2009 they went and did the numbers, and I stood on it. So at that point it was like,
"Yo, we're gonna move it like this because this is the way to go.” If it wouldn't have worked, then I would have had to rethink it and reconfigure my position, but it worked, and from that we just kept it moving. 

We worked some things out, we're doing business at the level we're doing business at together. It's good. Like I said, I got good partners over there, all the guys that work over there are good guys. They understand the culture, they're a part of the culture, they work in the culture. And you know me, as executive producer of the Wu-Tang Clan, I watch and follow the talent. I go where the talent is at. This is just another form, a pool of talent. So I follow these guys and they follow me, and we're working.

What kind of things can we expect from the new line?

Oh man, we're gonna make all type of shit! Dope product, dope shit, that's what you can expect, dope shit. We basically finished what we're showing at Magic in February, and it's really dope. But it's going to get doper, it only gets better. Hopefully we're gonna do something folks like. Again, we can't please everybody but whomever we're out to please, I'm sure they'll be pleased. And the ones that we can't please, sooner or later hopefully we'll do something they like, and they can pick out from it. Even the ones who love to hate, still love. We making dope product.