Initially, what was the type of guy you aimed Wu Wear towards?

Well at the moment, the main thing was the creation for the Wu-Tang fan. Something that was fashionable to them that they could wear and appreciate, but again, make it our own and make it a Wu-Tang thing. So initially, it was for the hip-hop Wu-Tang fans when I was making shirts, but as it expanded to us actually doing cut and sew things and all of those different things, we had to change the perspective.

At Wu Wear's peak, you guys had about 4 or 5 stores? 

We had New York, Philadelphia, Virginia, Atlanta, and I had one in L.A. but I never fucking opened it. I just fucking paid rent on the space for about a year.

I never got to open it because during that time, you know, I was just going through stuff with my partners, not knowing. They didn't really know about the shit, you know what I mean? And it was like, the product was changing. So I never really got to open up the store because I kind of knew at that moment I wasn't going to be able to put it together the way I wanted to so I had to fall back.