An SB version of that Dunk?

Well not even an SB version of that Dunk but a Wu-Tang Brand SB version period. Not particularly of that Dunk, but I'm gonna try to propose bringing that Dunk back, and maybe making a different one. But then also pay homage and make money with the skateboard folks. 

So with the new collection we’re seeing references to classic Wu-Tang songs like hats with
C.R.E.A.M. and tank tops with the W logo. Is that the kind of aesthetic we can expect to see in
the future of Wu Tang brand?

No, that's the fun part of it. That's the classic, so you know you always gotta go where the hits is, so of course I would be foolish not to capitalize on that or not make that a special part of what I'm doing but nah, that's definitely not all we're going to be doing. We making hot shit! That's what we gonna do, make hot shit: cut-and-sew, those special collaborations, and we're gonna just do what we're doing, make dope shit, deliver dope product.