We at Complex are just as sad about Steve Jobs passing as the next man. We've bought our iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks in rememberance of the brainchild behind them, but there is one thing we will not buy to commemorate him and that's his infamous turtleneck. The atrocity he called "stylish" was a symbol of Jobs' for many a keynote speech, and apparently, sales at St. Croix  turtlenecks has seen a 100% boost in sales since the former Apple co-founders' passing, TMZ reports

We do have to at least consider the notion, though, since the turtleneck brand is donating $10 for every $175 turtlneck purchase to the American Cancer Society in Jobs' honor. But damn, why couldn't the man be known for wearing a knit sweater or some Red Wings or something, anything! [Huffington Post]