Freeway doesn’t play games when it comes to facial hair. He’s the proud owner of Philly’s finest beard and everyone knows it. But we got to wondering, which other beards does he respect in the business? So we asked him to share with us his personal list of the best beards in hip-hop and he ranked the top 10. Let him tell you his own story, and click through to see who made the list, plus how he keeps his beard smelling nice for the ladies!

For people who don't know, I'm Muslim. The reason I wear my beard like this is because it's an attribute of a Muslim. Meaning, if you can grow a beard, you should let it grow. And if you can't, there's nothing held against you. That's why a lot of people in Philly grow beards, and those that aren't Muslim are influenced by the Muslim community. If you're around strippers you're probably going to be a stripper, but if you're around a bunch of beautiful Muslim brothers with beards, you're probably going to grow a beard. [Laughs.] These people made it onto my top 10 because they represent the beard. They've had the beard their entire career. - Freeway

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