Gleaning its name from the latter half of A Tribe Called Quest's debut album, Paths of Rhythm is an exhibition that pays homage to New York City's urban-minded creative class. Curated by the 2feet12inches crew, the exhibit is on display at Erik Foss' Fuse Gallery in the East Village.

Nostalgia was the name of the game, as many of the pieces referenced the 80's heyday of hip-hop, much of the art depicting classic Nikes and Adidas Superstars, as well as glorifying Boogie Down Productions and hardcore punk groups like Black Flag and Bad Brains.

Fabled "fourth Beastie Boy" and pioneer street photographer Ricky Powell was present to deliver his "World Famous Slideshow" in the performance space below the gallery.

Adding to that celebration of the past, the night included all-vinyl DJ sets by the likes of Steven Lewis, Shorty, Gatto, DJ Small Change, Sal Principato of Liquid Liquid, and John "Bloodclot" Joseph of the Cro-Mags. 

Exhibition Runs: August 3 to August 17, 2011.

Fuse Gallery, 93 Second Avenue, New York, New York.


Image 1: Paul Edwards, Trip 2/2, Mixed

Image 2: Ricky Powell

Image 3: Joey Glover, Boxing Deux, Ink
Kinjal Mitra, Reminisce, Acrylic/Paint/Marker

Image 4: Senz, Part 1 and 2, Mixed

Image 5: Christophe Roberts, Chocolate, Shoe Boxes

Image 6: Meryl Smith, Untitled, Leaf Stem/Bird Feathers/Leaf Veins/Glue
B. Dub, Rammellzee & A1, Digital Print

Image 7: Spam, Our Presidents are Surrounded by Monsters, Mixed on Glass
Chris (Rage) Sherritt, Boom Box 83-86, Mixed Media/Poster Board