Daaaaaaaaaamn, check out E-40 killing it back in his 1993 music video for "Practice Lookin' Hard." The Coup and Boots Riley-sampled song is a Bay Area classic about looking hard so nobody else can f*ck with you. Amazing.

In "Practice Lookin' Hard," we catch 40 Water in some great head gear: sick snapbacks, a Karl Kani hat, and a classic Carhartt beanie. His blue and red-tinted shades are '90s fresh and his plaid flannel game is crazy. Even Tupac makes a cameo in his signature bandana and mean mug. And have we even mentioned the rides yet? The Cutlass Supreme and Mustang 5.0 are straight STUNTING on EVERYTHING. Check the video out for yourself above, then cop a pocket mirror so you can practice lookin' hard, too.