This recurring column looks at great moments in sit down design. The furniture in your crib is as important as the art on your walls and the clothes on your body, so hopefully this series helps you recognize awesomeness when you see it, whether that's while shopping at Design Within Reach or talking to your latest lady friend's gallery owner.

Remember our first featured chair of the week, the Eames Lounge? Check out how Skate Study House flips the idea and turns reused skate decks into a celebration of the mid-century classic. We're highlighting this chair, this week, to highlight how furniture, like sneakers, can borrow from other pieces and translate classic lines into fresh new ideas. Skate Study House follows on the traditions of the German Bauhaus, which birthed the modern movement, and also derives much influence from the bustling modernist scene of Southern California. In one swoop, the Godfather Chair gives a history lesson and turns skateboarding into something that can provide a little comfort after a tough day out on the street. [Skate Study House]