The homie Chris Bosh (far right) is a Raptor all right.

Like some fine-ass arm candy, a well-chosen accoutrement can definitely complete your outfit. A pocket square will accentuate a suit (or even a denim jacket) with a touch of class and a dash of color. Whether you're channeling Humphrey Bogart or Cab Calloway, it's all in the details.

We've already taught you the different variations to folding a pocket square—the guy to the left has the simple triangle fold, dude in the middle has a little more, uh, "flourish," and finally, Chris Bosh sports the classic square-ended fold. But is the overall effect sophisticated or just over-the-top? You be the judge. Tell us how you feel by voting on whether to 'HUMP' or 'DUMP' the trend below...

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