Date: 4/30/1994
Teams: Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat
Round: Game 2, Eastern Conference Quarterfinals
Winner: Grant Long
You know you've choked a man good when the gum flies out of his mouth. The eighth seeded Heat were appearing in the Playoffs for the first time in franchise history, and coming off the first postseason win in franchise history. Not feeling the upstart Heat beating them again on their own court, the Hawks got chippy, and when Atlanta's Duane Ferrell put his finger in Miami's Grant Long's face after a dunk, things got really chippy. Long calmly removed his goggles and put both hands on Ferrell's neck, resulting in the aforementioned gum expulsion. Both benches cleared, with Miami's Keith Askins and Atlanta's Doug Edwards landing punches (on each other). Long and Askins were suspended for Game 3; Atlanta won the series in five games.