After a two-year layoff as a result of foot injuries, Joel Embiid is taking the NBA by storm both on and off the court. He's the runaway favorite for Rookie of the Year, fourth in front-court voting for the Eastern Conference All-Star Team, and a social media wiz. The 22-year-old always seems to have a new trick up his sleeve.

For his latest trick, Embiid decided to spice things up during pregame intros before Friday night's game against the Charlotte Hornets. In the video up top, he paid homage to WWE legend Triple H by adopting his theme song ("The Game") and his customary water-spitting routine.

Here's what it looks like when Triple H himself pulls it off: 

It's an act certainly better suited for a professional wrestler than a basketball player—unless Embiid decides to start suplexing fools out on the hardwood—but anything that helps inject a little more flavor into the NBA is cool with us. Triple H seemed to appreciate it, but he deducted some style points for Embiid's form:

This isn't the first time they've crossed paths. Embiid took to Twitter on Thursday following a thrilling victory over the Knicks, and implored Triple H, who appears to be Embiid's favorite wrestler, to help boost his vote count for the All-Star Game.

The 25-time champion responded in kind:

If Embiid is able to improve his water-spitting at the same rate as his basketball skills, he should perfect this in no time. As a matter of fact, if Triple H isn't careful, the gregarious ball player might just be angling to take his spot in the ring one day. If there's one lesson to be learned from his play so far this season, it's not to sleep on Embiid. ​