We all can learn a thing or two from Marshawn Lynch. He has the credibility and experience to teach how to get your finances in order and become a frugal, self-made multi-millionaire like him. Also, now that he has more time on his hands being retired from the NFL, Lynch can teach how to block "Beast Mode"-style on the line of scrimmage.

One teenage camper got a chance encounter with the former Seahawks running back for the latter at Lynch's Fam 1st Family Foundation Football Camp at Oakland Technical High School on Saturday. At sports camps, kids always want to challenge the best player or retired pro athlete in front of the entire camp. And this seems like the case with this big kid who looks like he can be a force on the gridiron to be reckoned amongst his peers. But against Marshawn? Nice try there, bruh. 

In the clip above, you see remnants of "Beast Mode" coming through Lynch as they match up in this blocking drill as this kid tries to get past him. Marshawn and the kid look like they are having a sumo wrestling match at first, but Lynch is a human brick wall that ultimately levels and puts this kid on his ass with the quickness. The onlooking campers audibly cringe and laugh at him after he gets taken down by lynch. And to top it off, Lynch shakes his body after he pins the kid down to add to the fodder of the moment.

The caption of this IG clip states how Lynch is "making men out of these boys." We couldn't agree more.

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