The Big East is a shell of what it used to be. During the late '80s through the mid-'90s, the now-defunct Big East TV Network used to have a hilarious montage of bloopers and bad plays compiled from that particular week for fans of the conference play to giggle at every Saturday night. Certainly, those montages are a distant memory,  but there are still some funnies from the conference games to laugh hard at.

This one is from tonight between Seton Hall-Villanova in the league's tournament championship game, where the Wildcats' head coach Jay Wright got knocked over on the sidelines during the first half by the Pirates' Derrick Gordon, would have made a final cut with frumpy background music as the soundtrack. It definitely wasn't intentional, as Gordon went hard after the ball to save it from going out of bounds. It looked like a Steelers blitz, and Coach Wright knows it's March, when players are going harder because Selection Sunday is just around the corner.

As for Jay's GQ-smooth suit, he just wiped the dirt off his shoulder, laughed it off, and kept it moving.

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[via The Big Lead]