Not that you need reminding (especially if you're a Mavericks fan) but last year DeAndre Jordan agreed to sign with Dallas. Then he had to wait a few days before it could become official. Then got cold feet. Then re-inked with the Clippers. The back-and-forth battle being waged within Jordan's mind was stretched out over more than a week because the free agency moratorium period (which prevents players from signing contracts, even after handshake deals, due to the NBA getting their finances in order) is that long.

This year it's being chopped in half, almost certainly as a direct result of Jordan's inability to pick (and stick with) a team:

The moratorium was initially scheduled to end July 11. It'll now end on July 6. The lesson? If you're an NBA player (which is likely) you better be absolutely sure which suitor you want to play for before coming to a pact this upcoming offseason.

Kevin Durant we're looking your way.

[via @WojVerticalNBA]

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