Raise your hand if you had Middle Tennessee State beating Michigan State in the 2016 NCAA Tournament. Hell, raise your hand if you had anyone beating Michigan State in the 2016 NCAA Tournament. There were a lot of people out there who had the Spartans coasting through the Midwest Region to reach the Final Four and then winning the National Championship.

That isn’t going to happen thanks to MTSU. Today, they became just the eighth No. 15 seed in NCAA Tournament history to knock off a No. 2 seed in the first round of the tournament. They beat the Spartans 90-81 to advance to the second round, and in the process, they busted just about everyone’s bracket. In fact, they busted so many brackets that, even if you had them winning the title, you’re probably not in terrible shape. Your bracket won’t be pretty, but neither will anyone else’s bracket.

As you’d expect, everyone had something to say after Michigan State went down. From former MSU player Draymond Green to ESPN reporter Jemele Hill to all of the people responsible for the endless supply of Crying Jordan memes, here are some of the best reactions to MTSU’s shocking win:

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