Chris Paul seems like he’s a pretty nice guy off the basketball court, but when he’s on it, he does just about anything to win. Late last year, he admitted that he’s not trying to make friends with guys on opposing teams when he takes the court.

“I don’t play for anybody to like me,” he told Bleacher Report. “I’m telling you, I got enough friends, you know what I mean?”

If you somehow don’t know what he means by that, just take a look at the Vine below to see an example of the things CP3 does to try and win. It appears to show CP3 hitting Kevin Durant in the groin during the Clippers game against the Thunder last night. We doubt CP3 is going to admit to doing it on purpose, but judging by KD’s reaction, he definitely hit him and it definitely looked like CP3 swung his arm at KD specifically to hit him below the belt:

It's probably going to be impossible for the NBA to determine whether or not this was intentional. But for what it’s worth, New York Daily News reporter Frank Isola is already reporting that CP3 could face a fine or even a one-game suspension for hitting KD:

Do you think he deserves it?

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[via For The Win]