It's undeniable that Charles Barkley is very out of shape. You can even see the love handles on Chuck through his suit during panel discussions when he covers NBA or college basketball games. But for some reason, before the NBA All-Star Weekend Saturday night's Skills Competition, Chuck wanted to see if Shaq is still spry enough to get up and dunk like he used to during his NBA days.

Whatever compelled Charles Barkley to bet against the 7-foot-1 tall Shaquille O'Neal that he can't dunk is beyond me. The Diesel proved to Barkley that he's still got it, able to bang on anyone, even in business attire if it called for it.

The facial expression on Shaq after winning this bet is hilarious, and Charles needs to ice skate in losing to Superman. I wish I was in Toronto to witness this, as well as upcoming "Round Mound of Rebound On Ice" showcase.

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[via BlackSportsOnline]