Dhafir Harris (b/k/a Dada 5000) fought Kimbo Slice on Friday night during the Bellator 149 event in Houston, Texas. The 38-year old Harris lost by TKO in the third round, and had to be carted out of the cage on a stretcher to the hospital.

Dada was kept overnight, and Bleacher Report writer Jeremy Botter reported that he was in critical condition. Harris apparently had high levels of potassium, which caused severe dehydration for the 6'2'' 257-pound fighter. He drastically cut his weight by 40 pounds for the fight versus Kimbo Slice, which was something he's never done in the past to prepare for a fight.

Harris was put on a ventilator to resuscitate him after his heart momentarily stopped beating. Fortunately, he is breathing on his own again, and is now in stable condition. The Harris family released a statement about his status:

Let's hope that Dada gets better soon, and learned his lesson to not put his body through that much hell in preparation for his next fight.

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