A few years ago, it came out that former NBA star Andrei Kirilenko's wife Masha gave him the right to have sex with one other woman every year. TMZ Sports ran up on the couple in LAX this week to ask them inappropriate questions as they do.

When they confronted AK-47 about the sex pass, he directed their questions to his wife and she replied, "I can give him whatever he wants...I can give him anything, it's just up to him if he accepts [the sex pass] or not." Andrei then smartly answered, "She's a good wife," as he looked at his phone. And when asked if she, too, had a pass, Masha answered, "Officially no, but I can always get it."

The couple have been married close to 20 years and have four kids, so it seems like this free pass deal is working wonders. You can watch the full video here.

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