Lamar Odom appears to be slowly recovering from an incident at a Nevada brothel back in October which involved a drug overdose and severely jeopardized his health

He won't have any legal issues to deal with if and when he's able to make a full recovery, as prosecutors in Nye County have decided that Odom won't face charges for using or being in possession of a controlled substance.

"Based on the present evidence and surrounding circumstances, the Nye County District Attorney’s office has decided not to bring drug charges against Lamar Odom," Nye County District Attorney Angela Bello said in a statement Monday.

"Although the evidence showed Mr. Odom had metabolized cocaine in his system while he was present in Nye County in October of 2015, he was not found in the possession of cocaine and it is unlikely it could established beyond a reasonable doubt he actually ingested, or was impaired by, the drug during the time he was within the jurisdiction of Nye County."

The more cynical folks out there will see this as the county not wanting to do anything which could potentially hurt any of the brothel's future business. But those who end up in the hospital as a result of drug overdoses rarely face criminal charges, and what's most important here is that Odom continues to get better without having to deal with any additional distractions.

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